Inspirational message from former Profile member

We received the following message from a former member of Profile who gave us permission to publish it:
I think a good message to share with everyone at Profile is to find something you love and fill your days with activities so you don’t have time to be depressed.  I think that in the 9 months I was unemployed I really only let the depression get to me a couple of times.  I think I had only two afternoons horizontal on the couch watching sad movies because I was feeling sorry for myself.  I always trusted I would be okay, kept moving on, and tried to enjoy the time as much as possible.
Even though I didn’t get a job through Profile directly, I can’t say enough good things about it.  My experience with Profile gave me hope, encouragement and confidence; pulled me out of my emotional slump; and made it possible to reach out to all my contacts and let them know I was available to help them out.  That is how I eventually got back to work. 


I find this true for me, too. When I first walked in to check-out what Profile was, a kind member said, "You'll have an office to go to!" I did office work, this is totally fine for me. Even if you don't do office work, it would benefit, you, too. I can't say enough about the camaraderie, and the congenial atmosphere at Profile.