PROFILE Progress: Jim’s Back to Work

Santa Cruz, CA — Jim Zaun is now happily employed.  At age 63, in an industry where younger workers have the edge in software technology, and where some family members have serious medical issues, Jim’s outlook for a new job was dim.  “I was really scared, and did not know how I was going to pay all the bills,” said Jim.  “And then I found PROFILE.”


Today, Jim has a high paying, permanent job in high tech software with benefits.  And he has concessions that allow him to work from home, part time to deal with care for his family. medical issues. 


Jim explains“It took me almost a year to get back on my feet.  But without PROFILE’s support and training, it very likely would not have happened at all.  The networking and social engagement with other PROFILE members helped me regain my confidence.  And the PROFILE training gave me the edge I needed to compete in a very tough job market.  Thanks PROFILE for all you have done for me.”


PROFILE of Santa Cruz, a chapter of Experience Unlimited, is an all-volunteer association for skilled professionals. Members come from diverse fields, including sales, the U.S. military, marketing, education, healthcare, training, finance, technology, human resources, manufacturing, and administration. PROFILE's mission is to connect local employers with talented professionals. There is no charge for participating.






Hi all, having worked with Jim at PROFILE of Santa Cruz, I am happy that the company at which Jim is now working had the wisdom to add him to their team. Anyone who spends time with Jim quickly realizes what a significant value-add he is to any software related project he is asked to contribute to, and and also quickly realizes how hard he is willing to work. Keep on keepin' on Jim *:-)

I normally stay off the Profile site as I'm no longer a member but I couldn't resist commenting on this article since it's about me. I didn't know I was still newsworthy material after an entire year.

I must admit that during the first 6 months at Profile, I was willing to take any job offer that came by because I thought at age 60+ I was basically washed up. I even considered working in sales at Best Buy or going into real estate. But, with all the training I received from Profile and my involvement with the organization as a contributing member, I finally came around to not just thinking but knowing I deserve better. That gave me the confidence to raise my expectations and go for it regardless of age.

I have been working full-time at Barco, Inc. as a senior engineer in digital media and entertainment with a nice 6-figure salary for exactly 1 year as of this week. In January, I received an excellent performance review with a corresponding bonus and a salary increase. When you are doing something you love doing, it's a lot easier to be good at it.

Is not just about getting a job, it's also about getting a job in an area you truly love even if you are an older worker like me. I have to say that it’s been pretty close to a dream job working on cutting-edge web and HD digital video technology with fellow engineers half my age and doing quite well at it. Without the skills and confidence I gained from Profile, I’d probably be bored-to-death working part-time at Best Buy or in early retirement.

Thanks again and I’m also still around to help on any Profile website issues. -Jim

P.S. I recently got certified after several weeks of medical training to perform the fairly complex hemodialysis treatments on my wife at home so she doesn't have to drive to the dialysis center (just around the corner from the Profile office) every other day to get her treatments. Thanks to Barco for letting me take so much time off from work to get this full-time training. We now have a personal dialysis center at home which has really improved the the quality of life for my wife.