Is Your Resume a Bridge or a Cathedral?


Make the switch from an experience-based resume to a skills-based resume!

Let’s say you’re applying for a job building a cathedral on the river. You totally know you can do it because you’re an engineer, and you built a bridge tower over the river, right? But OMG cathedral!

So, here you are, on your knee before the king and the bishop, and what are you gonna do, start blabbing about the bridge? “Well, my tower was 30 feet high to hold the suspension cables and then we had to sink the pilings 40 feet down into the sand---”

What---you want them to get a picture of “my-boring-bridge-that-was-so-last-century blah blah blah?”

No! You want them to envision: Our. Majestic. Cathedral. That’s going to enshrine your monarchy for eternity and ensure your place within the pearly gates!

So you say, “Our bell tower will be 30 feet high so that the bell will be heard pealing for miles around! The river will flow around the flying buttresses and right up to the steps!”

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